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Welcome to XPScenery.net!

Trying to find scenery (and photoscenery) for X-Plane 9, 10, 11 and 12? We offer downloadable files, tutorials, and, most importantly, access to a database of most, if not all, of the scenery that is available for X-Plane (both payware and freeware). The database was created as there did not seem to be any order to the scenery that was available for X-Plane. We search for X-Plane scenery across the Internet (not just the .org) so you don't have to!

XPScenery.net also displays all the current scenery at the X-Plane Gateway.These maps also show any new scenery that is available but has yet to be included in future X-Plane versions.

XPScenery.net now fully supports XP12!

Why use custom scenery?

The use of custom scenery displays airports in incredible detail instead of using generic building blocks or "lego bricks". Many free custom scenery packages are as good, if not better, as commercial products. We have a gallery that is growing over time but one example is shown below.

Default Portland Airport in X-Plane 11:
Custom Portland Airport designed by MisterX.

How does the database work?

To display the custom scenery that is available, simply select the continent of interest and the available scenery in that part of the world will be displayed. Clicking on a marker on the map will display the title and link to the scenery package for download. Alternatively, enter the four letter ICAO code (e.g. EGKK) to see the scenery that is available for that airport.
XPScenery map
To display the gateway scenery that is available, again, select the continent of interest and the gateway scenery in that part of the world will be displayed. The map will show any scenery that has been uploaded to the gateway that has yet to be included in any X-Plane release (red markers).
XPScenery map
And, links to photoscenery.
XPScenery map

How many records are stored in the database?

The number of records stored can be seen in the left-hand side. For more details of the custom scenery held within the database, view the stats file.

How much does it cost to access the site?

Registration to XPScenery.net is free. However, to view the scenery links, a very small subscription must be purchased which can be stopped and started at any time. Alternatively, a one-off payment to access the site for a week can be made. To view the subscription rate, please see our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, when this website relied on donations to operate, the donations received did not meet the costs of the server.

You can now access the website for three days (free of charge) after registering!

My scenery is not shown!

Click here and add your scenery to the database. You scenery will displayed as soon as we have checked the data. We do this to ensure the database does not get corrupted in any way.

I need more details....

Please send us an email. Alternatively, if you have a question about the service, or have an idea for its development, please feel free to contact us.